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Meet Guide Norbert Gutierrez and CNG Outdoors

CNG Outdoors owned and operated by Norbert Gutierrez, is the perfect choice to turn your dream Matagorda fishing adventure into a reality. With their expertise and passion for fishing, CNG Outdoors offers an unforgettable experience on the Texas coast.

Meet Norbert Gutierrez, a seasoned fishing guide and a true expert when it comes to fishing in Matagorda, Texas. With a specialization in targeting flounder, redfish, and sea trout, Norbert's knowledge and experience make him the go-to guide for a successful fishing expedition.

Norbert is well-versed in a variety of fishing techniques, including light tackle, trolling, spinning, popping, and drift fishing. His versatility allows him to adapt to different conditions and maximize your chances of reeling in that prized catch. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced angler, Norbert welcomes anglers of all skill levels and takes pride in sharing his expertise with each and every guest.

But it's not just about the fishing. Norbert's passion for the sport extends to creating unforgettable experiences for everyone on board, including children. He understands the joy that comes from introducing young anglers to the thrill of fishing.

Boat Details:

For your Matagorda fishing adventure, you'll be cruising in style and comfort aboard a 23' Freedom Warrior bay boat. This spacious vessel is designed to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for up to 4 guests. Powered by a reliable 250 HP Tohatsu engine, you'll swiftly navigate the waters and reach your fishing spots with ease.

Equipped with advanced technology, including GPS and fishfinder systems, the boat provides precise navigation and helps locate the best fishing grounds. Whether you're targeting flounder, redfish, or sea trout, you'll have the tools to maximize your chances of a successful catch.

The boat is also equipped with a wireless trolling motor, allowing for precise and quiet maneuvering in shallow waters. This feature is particularly useful when stalking wary fish or exploring hard-to-reach areas. Additionally, a livewell is available onboard to keep your catch fresh throughout the trip.

Get ready for an adventure-filled day on the water, where you'll learn new techniques, explore prime fishing grounds, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Norbert's dedication, knowledge, and love for fishing will ensure an exceptional trip for anglers of all ages and skill levels. Book your fishing trip now!

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